Nintendo Switch price in Nigeria

Nintendo Switch price in Nigeria and everything in between

If you have thought of playing video games on the go before, then the Nintendo Switch console is exactly what you are looking for. The console focuses on usability and flexibility making it the on-the-go game console. It offers three play modes that fit into the lifestyle of gamers. It can be played on full HD TV just like the famous play station consoles, it can be a tabletop game device, and can be handheld like a PSP game. The Nintendo Switch price in Nigeria is also pocket-friendly compared to other game consoles. We will talk more about the prices, where you can get it, and indebt feature that makes Nintendo switch to an on-the-go game console you would love. Read till the end.

Nintendo Switch price in Nigeria

Nintendo Switch Console 2

The game console can be bought in almost any online store in Nigeria. As mentioned earlier it is cheaper compared to other video game consoles. Although the price is set as $299 directly from the company, you can find a price range between #125,000 – #200,000 in the Nigerian market. It is available on Jumia at #222000, Vgstores at #185,000. The delivery at vgstores is within one day for orders made within Lagos before 2 pm. 

Switch Design and performance

From the design perspective, the game lives up to its name by switching to different play modes to fit into the lifestyle of the gamer. Nintendo Switch console is a tablet with a 6.2-inch LCD touch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. It comes with two wireless controllers (called Joy-controllers). Although performance-wise, it is not in competition with consoles like play station and Xbox since these have better graphics displays. Nevertheless, you still get to enjoy playing video games at your convenience and at an affordable price.

Play modes and how to connect

  • Standalone Console – In this mode, you display the game via a TV set. So if you are at home and you happen to have a TV you can enjoy playing video games. The Nintendo switch setup gives a seamless setup. Here is how it goes, you attach the Nintendo Switch to the included dock. The dock has an HDMI port which you use to connect the console to your TV. After connecting you can use the wireless Joy-controller to control everything while you see a bigger display on your TV. However, if you need a top-notch experience with playing smoothly on TV you can get the Nintendo Switch Pro controller that costs #28,000.
  • Tabletop play mode– This mode allows you to put the tablet on a table or flat surface with the support of the kick start at the back of the console. You can then detach the wireless joy controller from the edges of the Nintendo Switch console tablet and control the game with it. You can also use the Joy-Con Grip to attach the two joy controllers and enjoy a more functional play.
  • Handheld mode – This mode allows free movement of the console. Therefore you can walk and play your favorite game. Attach the two wireless joy controllers at the edge of the tablet, one on the right and the other on the left side. This mode does not require a PHCN power supply. There is an in-built battery that takes care of the power input. The battery will last for 4.5 – 9 hours depending on the type of game being played says the manufacturer.

Check Nintendo Switch system that works for you.

There are three levels of the Nintendo system all with their unique feature. Here are the features.

ModelNintendo switch OLED ModelNintendo switchNintendo switch lite
Play modesTV modes TV modes
Tabletop mode Tabletop mode
Handheld mode Handheld modeHandheld only
Price#125,000 – #220,000 #125,000 – #220,000 #125,000 – #150,000
Joy controllerA set of joy controller A set of joy controllerNone
DockIncludes Nintendo switch dock and HDMI cable for TV connection Includes Nintendo switch dock and HDMI cable for TV connectionNone
Storage64GB32GB 32GB
Battery lifeApprox. 2.5 – 9hours Approx. 2.5 – 9hours Approx. 3 – 7hours
Game CompatibilityCompatible with all games available Compatible with all games availablecompatible with selected games

Nintendo switch popular games

One of the most limiting factors for the Nintendo Switch console was games. However, this has been improved. There are lots of games to be played on the console presently. The most popular game is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Other games that can be played on the console include; Skylanders Imaginators, Super Bomberman R, Human Resource Machine, Just Dance 2022, World of Goo, FIFA 22, Metroid dread, Super Mario Odyssey, Animal crossing the new horizon, Dead cells e.t.c.

With a lot of games coming before the end of the year, one should expect a lot of game options for the Nintendo console.

Parental Control that works!

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A special feature of the switch console is that parent has control over the type of game and the amount of time their kids spend playing a video game. The console comes with a free app that allows parents to set restrictions directly on the console. This feature gives parents less worry about what their kids are doing on the switch console. When a limit for playing time is set, the console gives an alarm and also disrupts any game operation going on at that time. Parents can disable playtime alarms and game suspension features temporarily or for a full day using their PIN. Some games are above the age limit of some kids. So a parent can choose to exclude those games from the list of games that can be played on the console. See a list of what to expect from the app;

  • Limit sharing of in-game text or images per game
  • Restrict the ability to post screenshots to social media
  • Decide which games they can play
  • Keep an eye on playtime

The switch console is a very flexible console to play video on. With the affordable Nintendo switch price in Nigeria it is rapidly becoming accepted. Do not be left out and get it here.


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