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This article explores Nintendo Switch price in Nigeria and much more. This includes the different models of the console. For example, Nintendo Switch Lite price in Nigeria and Nintendo Switch OLED price in Nigeria will be discussed. Further, the article will consider the specification of the different Nintendo Switch consoles, and where to purchase them. Additionally, there is an unboxing video you can watch below at the end of the article or by clicking here.

If you’re considering or looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch Console, this article is for you. Not only does it provide you with everything you need to know about the console, but also where to purchase and how much.

Given the volatility of foreign exchange, it is important to note thatNintendo Switch price in Nigeria and Nintendo Switch Lite price in Nigeria is subject to sudden change. As a result of this, we have placed a helpful product information which will always reflect VG Store’s up to date price of Nintendo Switch in Nigeria. In fact, you can add it to your shopping basket right away.

Reasons to buy the Nintendo Switch

Released worldwide in March 2017, you really can’t go wrong with purchasing the Nintendo Switch. Whether it is your first console or you are adding it to your collection of consoles. This console is ideal for playing with family and friends, and it is perfect for both adults and children. Here are some reasons you should consider buying this console.

Nintendo Switch Console
  1. It is great for local co-op and families. The Switch is makes it easy to play along with friends or family. Because of it versatility, it means that certain members of the family can play their games without taking up the TV. Above all, the Switch is a really great gift for anybody, but certainly for younger gamers. There’s so much great content for kids.
  2. It is portable. The console focuses on usability and flexibility making it the on-the-go game console. It offers three play modes that fit into the lifestyle of gamers.The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console – you can dock it to your TV and play on the big screen in a similar way to PS5 consoles and Xbox Series consoles, or you can play it in handheld mode. You can even detach the Joy-Con controllers and set the screen on a table or desk. You can’t beat the Switch when it comes to commuting. Compared to mobile games, the Switch has better games, better inputs, better experience overall.
  3. It is the cheapest new generation console. It is far cheaper than the other leading consoles in the market. For prices of the other consoles, see our other articles below.

Nintendo Switch price in Nigeria

Our approach with price guides is to set out the different markets relevant items can be purchased. It is however more complicated with the Switch because of the different models there are. We will therefore set out the various models, then consider the different types of businesses they can be purchased from. Thereafter we will set out a helpful table setting out the estimated prices from these markets.

Nintendo Switch models

Following the release of the original console in March 2017, two additional models have been released, making 3 in total. These are (in order to release): the original Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch OLED. For the differences in the specification of the models, see here.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite Consoles

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a version of the hybrid console that is intended for portable use only. It was released in May 2018. Nintendo Switch Lite can play the games in the Nintendo Switch library that support handheld mode. For games that do not support handheld mode, players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers (sold separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite. Nintendo Switch Lite price in Nigeria is provided below.

OLED model

Nintendo Switch OLED Console

Earlier this year, on 8 October 2021, the OLED went on sale. The new screen is the headline feature of the new Switch. It comes equipped with an OLED screen, which is a big advancement on the LCD panel used on the previous Switch. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, and because each individual pixel can be turned off instead of emitting an approximation of black as with LCD screens (which usually look closer to grey), it makes for true black levels. Add stunningly bright whites and that makes for superb contrast levels.

Where to buy the Nintendo Switch console

Now that the new Nintendo Switch OLED model has been released, the price of the original console has been reduced, and it’s currently cheaper than it has ever been before. 

  1. Retailers: These are stores, such as VG Stores, that sell video games, consoles and accessories. There are as many different prices as there are retailers. The table below will set out the lowest price from . Store’s price of the consoles and is intended to be representative of retailers generally.
  2. Marketplace Sites: These are websites such as Jumia/Konga. They do not stock the consoles but rely on merchants (usually the retailers above) to sell on their platforms. These sites charge the retailers a commission for sale on their platforms. In turn, the retailers pass this extra cost to the customer. So what you would find is that prices on marketplace sites would be higher than direct offers from retailers.
  3. Resellers/Plugs: These are individuals that can get you literally anything – some have their focused sectors. Similar to marketplace sites, they don’t stock consoles. They maintain relationship with various retailers and can get you what you need. Unfortunately, these individual’s prices vary and we are unable to provide a benchmark for them.
ModelsRetailersMarketplace Sites
Nintendo Switch OLED245,000NGN265,000NGN
Nintendo Switch180,000NGN169,999NGN
Nintendo Switch Lite price in Nigeria115,000NGN124,000NGN
Average price of Nintendo Switch consoles in Nigeria

Nintendo Switch specs

From the design perspective, the game lives up to its name as it can be generally switched to different play modes to fit into the lifestyle of the gamer (apart from Nintendo Switch Lite). The original Nintendo Switch console is a tablet with a 6.2-inch LCD touch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. And also comes with two wireless controllers (called Joy-Con controllers).

Play modes

You can play a Nintendo Switch console in handheld mode, tabletop mode or TV mode.

  • TV mode. In TV mode the Nintendo Switch console is placed in the Nintendo Switch dock and the application screen is displayed on your television screen. In order to use the Joy-Con controllers in TV mode, they must be detached from the console. You can enjoy single or multiplayer games in this mode.
  • Tabletop mode. In Tabletop mode, the Nintendo Switch console is removed from the dock and placed on a flat surface. The screen output is displayed on the console screen. In order to use the Joy-Con controllers in tabletop mode, they must be detached from the console. You can enjoy single or multiplayer games in this mode.
  • Handheld mode. In handheld mode, you play while holding the Nintendo Switch console with the Joy-Con controllers attached. In this mode you can enjoy single-player games using one console, or local multiplayer games using multiple consoles.

Feature comparison

The table below shows the feature comparison of all the Nintendo Switch models.

ModelNintendo Switch OLEDNintendo SwitchNintendo Switch Lite
Play modesTV modeTV mode
Tabletop modeTabletop mode
Handheld modeHandheld modeHandheld mode
Joy-Con controllerA set of Joy-Con controllersA set ofJoy-Con controllersNone
DockIncludes Nintendo Switch dock and HDMI cable. Docking the system allows video output to a TV.Includes Nintendo Switch dock and HDMI cable. Docking the system allows video output to a TV.Not compatible with Nintendo Switch dock. Does not support output to a TV.
Screen7.0” OLED touch screen6.2″ LCD touch screen5.5″ LCD touch screen
Storage64GB32GB 32GB
Battery lifeApprox. 4.5 – 9 hoursApprox. 4.5 – 9 hours Approx. 3 – 7 hours
Game CompatibilityAll Nintendo Switch games All Nintendo Switch gamesNintendo Switch games that support Handheld mode
Nintendo Switch specs

To see more information about the Nintendo Switch specs, click here.

Nintendo Switch price in Nigeria – Games

Games come either as physical game cards or as downloaded games from the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo has some of the most famous franchises in gaming history as part of its lineup. One of the most notable initial releases was the epic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo quickly followed this with the lighthearted platformer Super Mario Odyssey, fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and monster-hunting RPGs Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remasters.

There are also more big-budget games from beyond the Nintendo brands, such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Overwatch, Doom (2016), Crysis Remastered and recently Apex Legends. You can shop for Nintendo Switch games at VG Stores.

Nintendo Switch price in Nigeria – Unboxing

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