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Ever wondered why there are varieties of game consoles out there and you still hear of new ones almost every year. Well, the answer is not farfetched. The console competition has been between three gigantic companies Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Although Sony and Microsoft make things very simple by sticking to the same name and focusing more on good graphics. Nintendo deviates from this in that it gives new names to a new console and also changes its play style.

Deciding on which console to buy (Nintendo switch, Sony PlayStations and Microsoft Xbox One) still depends on personal taste and preference. Before we go further there are some questions that needs to be on your mind to be able to make a better choice such as;

  • WHO ARE YOU BUYING FOR? – Are you buying the console for yourself? Is it a gift for kids? 
  • HOW OFTEN DO YOU PLAY ONLINE? – Both Xbox and PS4 require a subscription for online multiplayer access and support the most popular streaming apps for your entertainment needs.

With this question at fore, we can now see in detail the game console for you!

The Best Video Game Console For Kids – Nintendo Switch

The switch gaming system is the newest in the competition. It was released on the 3rd of March 2017. Since that time there has been an improvement on the core console feature, which focuses mainly on versatility rather than the graphics feature. A more versatile, less expensive, console for kids was released In September 2019.

The Switch lite console can be carried around and played in handheld mode. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch comes in a built-in 6.2″ screen and a battery, allowing you to play anywhere. It can also connect to TVs or monitors with an included dock. The two detachable joy-cons can be attached to the edge of the screen and played in handheld mode easily. For tabletop mode and Standalone mode (Playing on a TV display), the joy-con can be used singly to play with friends and family. The console has earned its place as the best console for kids.

More control

Moreover, the switch console gives room for parental control making it a good fit for children because it can be controlled by parents. The parent can set when the game time should stop. This setting will interrupt any activity in the console at that time and no game can be played. As said earlier the Nintendo Switch console is comparatively cheap. The cost of a Nintendo Switch Console in Nigeria is within the range of #125000 – #220000. It can be gotten from vgstores at #185,000. The console’s downside is that it has a limited game that can be played on it compared to the competitors.

This has been improved on over the years and there are enough game to be played. Games like Just dance 2022, Super Mario e.t.c can be played on the children console. It has enough versatility to go around and fit into the lifestyle of anyone that want to play video games.

Dedicated Game Console – PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

ps5-and ps4-pro console
Image credit – Dorna

The PlayStation 4 was released on November 15th, 2013. This is a game for dedicated gamers because it offers exclusive features and video games. The PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro versions both hit the market in 2016. The slim upgrade focused on the original’s wireless and USB capabilities while reducing the hardware size of the game console. The pro version only improved on the slim clock speed, RAM, GPU, and CPU, it made the PS4 console more powerful by allowing it to play games in 4k.

Exclusive Games on Playstation

The PlayStation 4 is great to play almost any type of video game out there. Popular series like God of War and Uncharted have been a focus of gamers on the Sony PlayStation console. The striking thing about the PS4 console is that it has exclusive games that can only be played on it. The ratchet and clank, The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2, The Last Guardian, and Marvel’s Spider-Man are exclusive to PlayStation boxes, alongside killer multi-platform experiences like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Control. With its PlayStationVR (PSVR) headset, gamers can experience playing a game in virtual reality.

But if you are very keen on speed, and premium display of motion graphics the new PS5 console might be worth checking out. With ray tracing (which displays shadows and makes gaming more realistic) and SSD storage, you are guaranteed a good gaming experience. Although, the PS4 console produces heat and makes unpleasant sounds when playing high-resolution games The PS5 console makes up for this and gives a seamless playtime.Since the PlayStation are for serious gamers and comes with a good graphics display and other good feature.

Price of Console

The price is a little on the high side compared to the Nintendo switch that offers versatility on playstyle. PS4 console price can range from 200,000 – 250,000. While PS5 console price can range from 400,000 – 550,000 in the country. 

In summary, if you are big on exclusive games, speed, and a touch of virtual reality gaming. You should choose the Sony PlayStation gaming system. If you can afford it, the PS5 does offer better all-around performance, delivering higher frame rates for demanding games. If you cannot afford PS5, the PS4 Pro is still a good option because you can still get almost all the exclusive games on the console.

Microsoft Xbox One – Console of Variety

Microsoft Xbox one
Imgae credit – Digitaltrends

The Microsoft Xbox One was released on November 22, 2013. After that, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X were released also in 2016. Although the release in 2016 came with an improved graphics processor, and support for 4K/HDR Blu-rays, the Xbox One X offers more graphics and backward compatibility with games more.

Video Game Variety

There are ample games to play on Xbox One. It might not have many exclusive games like PlayStation boxes but sure has a lot of games and has the biggest games library of all the new game systems. This is because all the games from the early Xbox 360, Xbox playable can be played on the recent Xbox One systems. The Forza 5, Gears of War, and Titanfall, and a host of others are games exclusive to the Xbox game system.

Expandable Storage and Screen Swapping

The USB storage of the Microsoft Xbox One can also be increased, either your Xbox One comes with 1TB of storage or 500GB of storage. Either way, you can add more storage when you need it by plugging in a hard drive. For some reason, that’s unique to the Xbox One. Swapping between screen features is also an exclusive feature in Xbox One Console. Users can minimize the screen to do other things like watching a video on how to pass a difficult part of a video game you are currently playing. The price of Xbox Series X console is comparatively cheaper than the Sony Playstation 5 console. Console prices can range from 300,000 – 400,000 in the country. 

The Xbox One gaming system is recommended for gamers with a high preference for 4k gaming and gamers that love a variety of games. 


Choosing the right game console for you depends on what you want. Most importantly the game you like to play, price, game design, and functionality you desire. Any of the consoles can be right for you. 

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