Popular video games in 2021

popular video games in 2021

2021 has been a remarkable year for video games in the world. So far, many popular video games have come out this year and have gotten a lot of attention from gamers and game commentators on twitch. What made the attention more was that people had more time to play video games because of covid-19. The attention has been noticed by game awards organizers and some have been nominated for the game awards of 2021. This article will help game-lovers who might be searching for popular video games to play in 2021 to find exactly the kind of games to play. If you are among, then you are in luck. Make sure to read to the end.

Best video games [Play station 4]

Best video games [Play station 4 and 5]
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The best PS4 games and PS5 games are worth stressing that they are exclusive to the Sony game franchise. Sony Entertainment network worked hard across the last generation to solidify the PlayStation consoles, so it made this list of top PS4 games quite special.

God of War

This game is one of the best video games for PS4, It has been nominated as the most anticipated game of 2021 Game Awards. It will be on the PS5 console come 2022. Kratos is still very much angry. Although the structure and pace of the game will be revamped in the proposed new series of God of war Ragnorak. The game is still packed with action, horrific thrillers, puzzles that progressively become hard as you go higher in the game levels. Kratos, a demi-God born of a God and human will now face his master that tricked him into killing his family. Enjoy the outburst of anger and strength like no other has you control Kratos to victory.
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Marvel’s Spider-Man

Still staying as an emblem of the PS4 console video game. Marvel’s Spider-Man presents a web-slinging character for you to control and sling around New York City. The game is packed with the comic part of the new Marvel spider man character. It is a jolly ride of web-slinging that you sure don’t want to miss. Because of the heroic part and the variety of non-story stuff like checking out ladies and visiting the restaurant. You will enjoy playing it for a long time.


You do not need a PS online subscription to play Fortnite online as it is completely free. The new battle royale mode in the game has added more excitement to the game. You can now enjoy a more intense shoot-out with upgraded weapons. The save the world mode allows for teamwork with family and friends. You can save the world in the fantasy world with friends and family.

Best video games [Xbox One]

Halo Infinite

The first person shooter is back, and this time with Master Chief – the central character of the first three in the franchise – in tow. It is a fun game play looking at the good graphics and effects it possesses. Especially when you see what the new Xbox can do when it comes to the landscapes.

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