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Best Car Racing Games To Play

There is no doubt that there is a myriad of racing games to choose from. Everyone, even children, can enjoy racing games. Forza Horizon 4 and 5 offer a more approachable path for gamers new to racing games. Then there are games with a wide selection of vehicles and a larger emphasis on competition, such as GT Sport and Dirt 5.  Young gamers, in particular, love to play racing games to demonstrate their imaginary driving abilities. Every crash causes your...

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How to pick the best video game console

Ever wondered why there are varieties of game consoles out there and you still hear of new ones almost every year. Well, the answer is not farfetched. The console competition has been between three gigantic companies Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Although Sony and Microsoft make things very simple by sticking to the same name and focusing more on good graphics. Nintendo deviates from this in that it gives new names to a new console and also changes its play style. ...

How to connect your Sony PS4 and your mobile phone (Iphone or Android)

Download the PlayStation app on your smartphone: This is free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.Connect your PS4 and smartphone to the same network.Open the Settings menu on your PS4. Select "PlayStation App Connection Settings" - "Add Device." A code will appear on the screen.Open the PlayStation app on your mobile device and select "Connect to PS4" at the bottom of the screen. Your PS4 should appear with the words "Powered On" underneath. Select your PS4. If your...

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