How to enable Parental Controls on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox

parental controlfor playsyation xbox and nintendo switch

Allowing kids to play video games is a cool way to engage and keep them busy. They also get creative and interact more with friends while playing video games. No doubt, there are lots of benefits to playing video games, however, there’s the concern that children could access inappropriate content.

Thankfully, the next-gen console manufacturers have an inbuilt system to curb the bad effect of gaming called Parental Control. In this article, we will lay out how parents or guardians can set up Nintendo switch parental controls features to limit the content and number of hours kids can spend playing games. Other consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox consoles are also being talked about.

How to set up Nintendo Switch parental controls

Nintendo Switch console is regarded as a kid’s friendly console, although it has a fair share of Teen and Mature-rated games. Popular games like Mario kart 8, Crash team racing, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons could keep kids glued to their consoles for hours. The Nintendo Switch parental controls are a well thought out feature of the console. You can limit and restrict your child’s gaming, spending, and communication online with the Switch. Here is how you can do it;

Switch in-app parental control

This is one of the ways to set parental control on the switch console. It is a very easy, intuitive app built for the console. It is available on android and IOS operating Systems (OS). Follow these simple steps;

  • Get a Switch family group account via the Switch eStore
  • Sync the mobile app to your Nintendo Account

Follow the screen options to limit content by rating, screen time, purchases, communication restrictions, and social media sharing.

Alternative parental control via the console

Some guardians or parents feel the app might add to the number of apps. Therefore, they might want to go for the direct approach by using the console itself. It is a very easy process;

  • Get a Switch family group account via the Switch eStore (In case you do not have one already)
  • Turn on the console and go to the system setting option
  • Scroll to the parental control option, and then you can start restricting online communication and place an age restriction on games.

How to Enable Parental Controls for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

The Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 from Sony Corporation have more than 100,000 players using them, and among them are kids. It is only plausible to add parental control features to restrict content, regulate the type of games played, and limit screen time for kids. The parental control feature is easy to use and can be done by any parent or guardian without breaking a sweat. Although the interface of the PS4 might look a little different from the hot wide-spreading Playstation 5, the steps to follow remain the same.

  • Go to system settings
  • Click on Account management, and then create a user Family by adding child users under your existing PlayStation Network account
  • Enable permission for parental control
  • Then go back to Setting >> Parental control >> Family Management

Enable security features such as content restrictions, time and spending limits, and online chat and payment restrictions.

How to Enable Parental Controls for Xbox consoles

It is necessary to point out that Xbox consoles are big on parental controls since they have a large number of players using their consoles. They have provided parents and guardians with the free Microsoft Family Safety app available on Android and IOS. The app allows for monitoring and restriction of activities on the game consoles. The app is very intuitive and will allow for easy use. The console on the other hand is not so intuitive therefore we have put the steps to follow below;

Parental controls setup

Provided you have created a user account for every member of the family that has access to the console.

  • Click on a family member e.g. child’s user and adjust settings such as content restriction, screen time, and monthly spending limit.
  • To adjust game rating settings, click Content Filter and navigate to the Apps and Game tab.
  • Then use the Apps and Game tab to do the necessary adjustment.

Parental controls setup via console

  • Switch on your Xbox one or Xbox Series X console
  • Click on systems >> Setting >> Account >> Family
  • Then go ahead and adjust the necessary things such as age restriction, and game ratings.

Above all, Parents and guardians need to pay close attention to the games they buy for their kids and also monitor what they watch. Some games are not appropriate for kids to play at a certain age. Check out the Video games that are appropriate for your kids to play here.

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