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More than a year after the release of the PlayStation 5, there is a wide array of PS5 games to choose from. PlayStation 5 games that would allow you to enjoy next gen features of the PS5 console. Taking advantage of advances in ray tracing technology, PlayStation 5 games graphics are truly a sight to behold. Ray tracing is a complicated rendering technique that produces more realistic lighting effects by imitating light in a natural environment. The best PlayStation 5 games support ray tracing.

PlayStation 5 games are truly immersive! Whatever type of games you are into, be it adventure, shooter, sport or whatever else, the PS5 would allow you have the most immersive experience you can imagine. Apart from the quality of the graphics, the DualSense Controller is the most advanced gaming controller to date. The new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are the best features of the controller. PlayStation 5 games can take advantage of these features so that for example the triggers feel like you’re actually pulling a gun trigger. Further, the new precise haptic feedback can shake different parts of the controller separately. As a result of which you can feel a tremble as wind blows past in certain PlayStation 5 games.

Browse PS5 accessories to discover a whole new world of gaming.

PS5 games list are ever-expanding. Discover popular games like FIFA 22, Deathloop, Spider Man Miles Morales and many more. Sony has also teased upcoming PlayStation 5 games like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West.

Backwards Compatibility

Backwards Compatibility also means that you may be able to play your favourite PS4 games on the PS5. Thousands of PS4 games will be playable on the PS5 console, with an increased loading speed. Some PS4 games can be upgraded for the PS5. See more on it here.

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