Change your PSN Online ID in 8 simple steps

Sony delivers as promised last year. You can now change your PSN Online ID!

Yesterday, Playstation 4 owners received the news from Sony that they can finally change their PSN names. This feature has been long awaited by the community.

A couple of things to note; while the first change is free of charge, any subsequent change will cost you (although it is cheaper for Playstation Plus members). If it ever comes to this, remember you can pick up PSN top up and subscription cards from here. Also, PS3 and PS Vita games will not support the new IDs.

To change your Playstation Network Online ID follow these 8 simple steps below. Please o! If you have unsaved game progress, save it before you commence. So let’s get to it!

  1. First, go to the home screen
  2. Select Setting >
  3. Choose Account Management >
  4. Go to Account Information >
  5. Select Profile >
  6. Select Online ID >
  7. Read the “Important Information”
  8. Then select continue and change your Online ID.

For those of us who need the visual instructions, see below.

Launch your game immediately after this process to check if everything is intact.

When you change your ID, you will have the option to show your old ID next to your new one for the next 30 days so your friends can still find you. The option remains to change back to your previous ID if wish.

Well, that’s it from us guys! We do hope this information helps you. Let us know your reactions, and if you have any issues, drop it in the comment section.


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