PlayStation VR price in Nigeria

PlayStation VR price in Nigeria

With the new PSVR 2 set to launch in the first quarter of 2023, one may ask if the present PS VR headset is worth buying? The answer depends on your console. If you are a PS5 user or thinking of upgrading soon, you might as well wait for the new PSVR 2 that is specially designed for the PlayStation 5. As a PS4 console user, you do not have to wait. You can start to feel your games more realistically by buying the PlayStation VR at the best price in Nigeria. We recommend the PlayStation Move Motion Controller Twin Pack and PlayStation VR Aim Controller VR accessories as you become more immersed in the virtual reality world. You can aim better at a precise speed when playing any of the PlayStation VR enabled games like Sniper elite with these VR accessories.
In this article we will discuss how you can get the best PlayStation VR at affordable price in Nigeria.

What do you need to start VR gaming?

Instead of going to a game arcade to play VR games. You can have one for yourself and start VR gaming in your room. There are two ways for you to start playing, you can either use the PSVR by Sony or the Oculus quest 2 by Facebook. And they are very easy to get started with.

The PSVR only requires a PS4 and a PlayStation Camera to start playing Virtual reality games. Although you might need other accessories to play certain games. You can get started playing most of the PlayStation VR games with PSVR, a camera, PS4 console and its DualShock Controller.

Where to get the best PlayStation VR price in Nigeria

It does not cost an arm and leg to buy a PSVR in Nigeria. There are three main categories of people/places you can buy the PSVR (and other gaming product for that matter) from. We have set them out below:

  1. Retailers: These are stores, such as VG Stores, that sell video games, consoles and accessories. There are as many different prices as there are retailers, but the best price across this group presently is #190,000.
  2. Marketplace Sites: These are websites such as Jumia/Konga. They do not stock the consoles but rely on merchants (usually the retailers above) to sell on their platforms. Due to the cost of selling on the platforms what you would find is that prices on marketplace sites would be higher than direct offers from retailers. As at the date of publication, the best PlayStation VR price in Nigeria we found on one of these sites is 200,000NGN. We recommend you go for retailers to beat down the prices.

Grab the best deals on PlayStation VR and VR gaming accessories.

Oculus Quest 2 vs PSVR: which VR headset should you choose?

Playstation VR price | VR gaming | PSVR

There’s no doubt that Oculus Quest 2 and PSVR are the most recognized VR headsets. However, it can be hard to figure out which would be best for you and what the differences are between the two because they both offer a premium gaming experience. We have put together the summary so that you can quickly choose the one that fit your style.

VR headsetOculus Quest 2PlayStation VR
ManufacturerMeta (Facebook)Sony Inc
DesignEntirely wireless and does not need a PlayStation console to work. You start playing as soon as you open the box.
It is not wireless. It requires a PS4 and a PlayStation Camera to set it up.
Specs resolutionHigher resolution image – 1832 x 1920 pixels per-eyeLower resolution image – 960 x 1080 pixels per-eye
Field of view89 degrees – It has less field of view which mi96 degrees
Cost of VR gaming deviceOculus price in Nigeria is #309,000PSVR price in Nigeria is #250,000
FlexibilityOnly play VR games onCan play traditional 2D games on a virtual big screen within the headset. With the PS4 console connected you can watch 3D Blu-rays.
Exclusive game titleIt has limited games and less popular game titles e.g. Vader Immortal, Job SimulatorOne of the strong selling point is the large collection of exclusive VR games e.g. Hitman 3, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Gran Turismo
Oculus Quest 2 VS PSVR

The two VR headset will give you the experience you desire in VR gaming. If you are looking for something that works on its own without the use of external devices or wire but has limited catalogue of games. We recommend going for Oculus quest 2, it works out of the box. But if you have a PlayStation 4 console and a camera you can consider getting a PSVR not minding the wires, it has a more robust game collection than Oculus quest 2.

Best PlayStation VR games you can start with.

To completely get you immersed in VR gaming you need a VR-designed game to go with the mix. Not all games are created for this new technology. But there is no need to panic, there are a bunch of VR games to choose from. PlayStation VR offers many first-party exclusive games that have added an extra layer of reality to Video games. The PSVR library offers something for every taste. We have highlighted Some PlayStation VR games that you can pick up in VG Stores at the best price in Nigeria below.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR | VR games
Image credit – Gfinityesports

If you are looking for a fast-paced game with exclusive immersion and precision. Then you should go for sniper elite. In the gameplay, you can either choose a stealthily position yourself for the killer shot or use a camouflaging environment to engage your enemies without getting hurt. You can take down targets with a wide array of scopes, firearms, and specially designed rifles for sniping. If you are a good player of Call of duty then you should try Sniper elite when considering VR gaming. It is one of the best shooting VR games.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

skyrim-vr video game
Image credit – Steampowered

This is one of the few open world RPG games in VR gaming that involves hours of gameplay. While playing you can customize your character and either join one of the three factions vying for control over province lands. It has enough content to discover and keep you immersed for hours without feeling a flitch of time. If you haven’t played any VR game before this should definitely be on your to-play list. 

Hitman III

Image credit – Gfinityesports

The action adventure allows players to assume the role of agent 47 and handle his pistols and daggers across different cities. The best part of the Hitman III VR version is that it has the entire World Of Assassination trilogy embedded in it. So there are three games in one Hitman III VR. It is also interesting to know the game’s perspective was changed from third to the first person to make it truly immersive in Virtual reality.

Blood & Truth

Image Credit – Roadtovr

An already captivating title clothed in the immersive power of VR. You most definitely do not expect anything short of captivating, interesting and immersive from this VR title. The blockbuster game has everything from car racing, to corridor battles with a special blend of classic shooter action with an engaging spy story that features plenty of recognizable film tropes.  Blood & Truth is one of the best options out there for action-shooter Virtual reality game.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

resident evil Biohazard VR

Given how good of a game Resident Evil titles are. It is only plausible that it is on a Virtual reality game list. Players will spend a total campaign time of 12 hours in an immersion environment in the acclaimed survival horror video game which is among the longest playing on this list. If you are familiar with resident evil titles then this should not be so different, you just have to play in the first person perspective with full virtual immersion.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo spot VR
Image credit – Activot

This is the one of the sim car racing games on this list. Gran Turismo Sport provides a nicely immersive and realistic experience for PSVR. Players can choose from large collection of cars with the ability to customize the cars to their taste. There are divers selection of tracks like the PS4 version of the game. You can also  you could also pair your VR headset with a brilliant racing wheel to provide an even higher level of immersion.

So there you have it, everything you need to start playing VR games in your room.

Beyond the VR games, there are also more PS4 console games, such as Call of duty Vanguard, Gran Turismo 7, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Resident Evil Village, Horizon Forbidden West, and recently Last of Us Part 1. You can peruse a large collection of PS4 games at VG Stores.

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