Xbox Series X – A look at its gameplay

Yesterday, we were expecting to have a first-look at gameplay on the Microsoft’s newest generation console, Xbox Series X. However we did not see a lot of gameplay; at best we saw a series of in-game footage mixed with trailers. Unlike a number of people though, I am definitely not complaining – after all, half bread is better than none.

There are a number of positives for me, the first being that yesterday’s Inside Xbox showcase a number of games to expect on the upcoming console. It featured new entries from established franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, to unknown newcomers we would love to see more from. Above all, Bright Memory Infinite is definitely one to watch.

Hundreds of games are coming to the Xbox Series X

I believe what upset a lot of people about yesterday was that they watched a video in excess of an hour; they were hoping to see what gameplay would be like on the newest Xbox, but they did not get that. For me however, yesterday answered the biggest question about the Series X. The setback to its predecessor, the Xbox One, was that it did not have a number of exclusives unlike its competitor, the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One may hypothetically be a better console than the PlayStation 4, but the koko is I can play God of War on the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft responded to this setback by announcing a list studios making games for the Xbox Series X. Sarah Bond, the head of Xbox Partnerships, further stated that players can look forward to “hundreds” of games in 2021. See image below for a cross-section of studios Microsoft is working with.

We wet out below more information about some of the games showcased yesterday.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

After the very popular Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ubisoft is set to release Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Holiday 2020. The Inside Xbox trailer shows us a little bit more than last week’s trailer. With no actual gameplay, the little in-game graphics we see does look quite impressive. We wait patiently for more information about this game.

Bright Memory Infinite

This is a prime example of why yesterday’s Inside Xbox was a positive for me; for starters, I have never heard of this game until yesterday. From my research, it appears the game was announced for the current generation consoles last year; see more on the game here. It is a First-Person Shooter where you are to investigate a strange phenomenon in the sky. This is definitely a game I would love to see more from in the future.

Other notable mentions

You can check the Xbox Series itself here (the event starts around 30 minutes into the video).

Microsoft’s Smart Delivery

I am sure you heard the words “Smart Delivery” thrown around a lot yesterday. Essentially, this means that you will automatically get access to games you buy on the Xbox One on the Xbox Series X when you eventually get it. So you don’t have to wait to start enjoying certain games.

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