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As Kazuma Kiryu returns to the criminal underworld after Haruka’s revelation of Kiryu as the former chairman and Yakuza head. Haruka had hoped to retire from the life of being an idol and return to Asagao Orphanage. When one of the patriarchs of a rising Tojo clan sets fire to Little Asia and hospitalizes Haruka, Kiryu is forced to fight one last time to protect the Tojo clan he knows as rivals seek to reform the clan in a bloody fashion.
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The end of a dream

A snowy night in 2012 … More than a million fans watching a concert were shocked by an idol’s sudden confession: “Kazuma Kiryu is my family.” In that moment, an idol became human again. For Haruka Sawamura, the dream had changed. Meanwhile, Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima, had just put a decisive end to the Yakuza’s war of five cities.

The snow fell gently as Kiryu and Haruka reunited. It should have been the beginning of simpler times…

Not all is forgiven

Before Kiryu can return to Morning Glory Orphanage to live with Haruka and the other children, he returns to prison to serve out a three-year sentence for his role in the conflict. To Kiryu, three years is a light sentence, a necessary step to cleanse the stains of his past. But in those short three years, the threads of his life begin to unravel.

Haruka’s retirement from the public eye was not without consequences. The public passed a harsh sentence on the girl with ties to the yakuza. The tabloid slanders became a deafening roar. And it wasn’t long before the other children of Morning Glory began to feel the effects. Haruka, alone for the first time, suddenly realized just how naive she’d been.

Events are set in motion

Released from his sentence, Kiryu returns to Morning Glory, where the children inform him of the hardships Haruka has faced. But Haruka has disappeared into the wind. Fearing the negative effects she was having on the children, Haruka crept off into the night without so much as a word.

He should have been there for her. He should have protected her. Kiryu had returned to Okinawa filled with hope, but only found despair in his failures.

A near-fatal accident

Kiryu returns to Kamurocho in search of Haruka. Relying on old friends, he attempts to follow her trail, but it quickly goes cold. But just when all hope seems lost, he gets a call from his old friend in the force, Detective Makoto Date. Haruka has been taken to the hospital, the victim of a hit-and-run accident. She is unconscious and in critical condition…

Life blooms anew

Kiryu rushes to the hospital, where he finds Haruka in the ICU. On the edge of Kamurocho, Haruka had been struck by a car. The suspect is still at large. And Haruka may not ever wake again. Kiryu is devastated.

But one particular piece of news only adds to the shock. In the accident, Haruka had risked her own life to protect the life of another. Date shows Kiryu a baby, smiling innocently. His name is “Haruto Sawamura.” The child is Haruka’s son.

The road to Hiroshima

There are more questions than answers, but the importance of one drowns out the rest: Who is Haruto’s father? Not even the police had answers. The only lead Date could provide Kiryu was that Haruka had set foot in Hiroshima.

Onomichi Jingaicho, an old port town in eastern Hiroshima… There, the shadow of a criminal organization looms large – the Yomei Alliance. The third largest Yakuza syndicate in Japan, they had never allied with the Tojo Clan or the Omi Alliance. Kiryu was about to set foot into uncharted territory, where the Tojo Clan had no sway. But why had Haruka gone to Hiroshima?

Fully aware of the dangers before him, Kiryu, with Haruto in tow, sets off for Hiroshima. His only clue, a picture of Haruka taken somewhere in Onomichi. In this sleepy town, the rules of the big city don’t apply. And in this sleepy town, everyone has their secrets…

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