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Developers: EA Sports | Genre: Simulator, Sport, Strategy | Rating: PEGI 3

Also available on: PlayStation 4 | Xbox Series X | Xbox One

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Madden NFL 22 is where gameday happens. All-new features in Franchise include staff management, an enhanced scenario engine, and weekly strategy. Share avatar progress and player class between Face of The Franchise and The Yard with unified progression.


The all-new FieldSENSE Gameplay System in Madden NFL 23 equips players with more control at every position in every mode and is a new foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay.

New in Madden NFL 23

FieldSENSE affects gameplay in every mode in Madden 23.

  • Franchise. Call the shots from the front office as you lead your Madden NFL 23 Franchise to the top. New athlete motivations like salary demands factor into contract negotiations and add to the drama of NFL free agency.
  • Face of the Franchise. Play your way into the history books in Madden NFL 23. The League drops you into your fifth NFL season, and you’re seeking a fresh start as you negotiate a one-year deal with a new team and strive for a legendary career.
  • Ultimate Team. Develop your dream fantasy roster of current NFL superstars, Hall of Fame legends, and more. Keep improving your Madden 23 Ultimate Team roster all season through simplified team-building and convenient competition.

New Franchise Scouting

Deploy a team of scouts across the country to find the next NFL superstar for your Franchise. See everything the most in-depth Scouting feature set in Madden NFL 22 has to offer.

  • Your Scouts. With a full scouting department at your disposal, deploy your four area scouts and your national scout to scour the map for the best talent in the country.
  • Regional Assignments. Assign area scouts to one of four different regions, and adjust assignments from the first week of the preseason until the first week of the regular season.
  • Types of Scouting. Gather prospects from all regions of the map using your national scout. Choose general scouting, position-focused, super-focused, or private workouts to evaluate prospects.
  • Get Informed. Garner the most information about prospects when you conduct private workouts. Collect information like player traits, athletic abilities, and skills all of which are relative to the rest of that seasons’ prospect pool.
  • Mock Drafts. Over the course of the season, there will be five mock drafts. Mock drafts showcase which teams are interested in which prospects, based on respective team needs and existing draft position. Mocks will be dynamic over the course of a season as teams perform, sign players, and loose players in free agency.
  • Big Board Movement. Prospects will change positions on the draft board throughout the season based on notable storylines reported on by the media. Track a player’s big board movement by seeing their Rank Change during the season.
  • Gameday Happens Here. All-new Dynamic Gameday† delivers gameplay powered by real-world Next Gen Stats and immersive Gameday Atmosphere across every mode. Plus, redeveloped Franchise features put you in charge of every aspect of building your NFL dynasty.

New features in Madden NFL 22

Dynamic Gameday

Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI fuses with immersive Gameday Atmosphere to deliver the smartest gameplay experience ever. It’s all powered by real-world data and built to emulate player and team tendencies.

All-new Dynamic Gameday makes every snap in Madden NFL 22 a new opportunity to leave your mark on the game forever.


From the front office to the field, you’re in charge of literally everything. Dish out Staff Points to upgrade your coaching crew, dominate with weekly strategy and counter your opponent’s strengths.

Redeveloped Franchise Features

From the front office to the field, new features across the redeveloped Franchise mode put you in charge of everything.

Franchise Staff

Manage your coaching staff and earn Staff Points to upgrade your coaching crew’s specialised talent trees.

Weekly Strategy

Regulate practice reps, plan to counter your opponent’s strengths, and integrate your strategies into weekly play-calling.

Season Engine

Each season will be different from the last, thanks to an enhanced seasons engine that provides more content and variety.

Superstar X-Factors

Send your gameplay to new heights with the updated game-changing ability system that makes NFL stars feel unstoppable.

Unified Progression

Become the greatest and most stylish player around with unified avatar and player class progression between Face of the Franchise and The Yard.

  • Ultimate Team. For the first time ever, make halftime adjustments to Superstar X-Factors to counter your opponent’s strategies. Plus, Dynamic Gameday† integrates Next Gen Stats† into Ultimate Team to track stats for your player items.
  • Face of the Franchise. Create your avatar and play your rookie NFL season the way you want. A new player class system allows for more customization than ever. Earn rep to level up, and max out.
  • The Yard. Play through a redesigned campaign featuring stunning locations around the globe. Check out the new rotating live events hub and call your props to earn rewards in the all-new ranked mode.
  • Superstar KO. Introducing NFL teams and rosters to Superstar KO. Play fast games in this co-op eliminator mode featuring dynamic rules, unique stadiums, and icons of football culture.

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Please note, an internet connection and Playstation Plus may be required to play this game.  In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.

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