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Developers: Namco Bandai Games | Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG| Rating: PEGI 12


A storm, a shipwreck, a mysterious island. Expect the unexpected on your next adventure with the Straw Hats! A project that realizes an RPG that allows you to experience the adventure of “ONE PIECE”, which has been requested by many fans while releasing various ONE PIECE games in the past. The information on the project, which has been developed for many years, has finally been lifted, with the concept of “touching the world of ONE PIECE” at the center.

Here is a nostalgic yet new adventure romance that takes place on a “legendary island” where great treasure is said to lie. During the voyage, the Straw Hat Pirates are swallowed by a great storm. They arrive at the mysterious island “Waffled” surrounded by storms and full of nature. The friends who got separated and the Thousand Sunny sunk in the sea.
Luffy embarks on a new adventure to escape from the island surrounded by storms! What awaits them there are wild wonders of nature, mighty enemies, and Lim, a girl who hates pirates that she met in Waffled. She possessed a special power that allowed her to steal her powers by touching her opponent. The stolen power is concentrated in a cube and scattered all over the place after meeting a girl, an adventure beyond the imagination of the Straw Hat Pirates begins.

A colossus
With terrifying power stands in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates as they venture through Waffled. “Waffle” with its own ecosystem. However, some of the monsters are somewhat familiar.
In the ruins that exist everywhere in “Waffuld”, various devices block the crew’s progress. What is the secret hidden in the ruins and what awaits beyond it.

At the Straw Hat Pirates ‘ place of memories, a never- before seen “great adventure” begins. Animals that the crew once met roam the carefully crafted world
The Straw Hat Pirates are faced with a situation different from their memories of the past. Experience a “new adventure drama” in a “nostalgic world” that can only be drawn by the crew two years later!

Monkey D Luffy: Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates! His dream is to conquer the “Great Route” and become the “Pirate King”.
Roronoa Zoro: A three-sword style swordsman who belongs to the Straw Hat Pirates. His goal is to become the world’s greatest swordsman.
Nami: A navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. He guides the crew with his extensive knowledge of weather and navigation.
Usopp: “Straw Hat Crew” A master marksman. A sniper who aims to become a “brave warrior of the sea”.
Sanji: The cook of the Straw Hat Pirates and a master of footwork. My dream is to find the legendary sea “All Blue”!
TonyTony Chopper: A human reindeer who ate the “hitohito fruit”. As a ship’s doctor for the Straw Hat Pirates, he supports his comrades.
Nico Robin: An archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. Overcome the “past” and pursue “true history” with his friends.
Franky: A remodeled human and a shipwright for the Straw Hat Pirates. Aim for the end of the sea with Luffy on your own dream ship!
Brook: Musician and swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. A “resurrected human” who was revived as a skeleton by the ability of “Yomiyomi no Mi “.
Lim: A mysterious girl who “hates pirates ” who lives on the island “Waffled” where the “Straw Hat Pirates” drifted ashore.
Adio: An explorer who lives in “Waffled” himself is a drifter and volunteers to be a guide for the crew.

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Please note, an internet connection and Playstation Plus may be required to play this game. In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.

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