One Piece Odyssey Nintendo Switch

Developers: Namco Bandai Games | Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG| Rating: PEGI 12

In the midst of a storm and a shipwreck, find yourself on a mysterious island, where the unexpected awaits alongside the Straw Hats! After years of development, a highly anticipated RPG project bringing the world of “ONE PIECE” to life has finally surfaced. A long-awaited addition to the franchise, “One Piece Odyssey” arrives on the Nintendo Switch, promising an unparalleled adventure. Gather your crew, first, plot your course, then dive into the journey of a lifetime. Here, the concept of “touching the world of ONE PIECE” lies at the heart of the experience.

STORY: One Piece Odyssey Nintendo Switch

As the Straw Hat Pirates voyage, a great storm swallows them. Eventually, they arrive at the mysterious island “Waffled,” surrounded by storms and full of nature. However, amidst the chaos, the friends get separated, and the Thousand Sunny sinks in the sea.
Luffy sets sail for a new adventure, determined to escape a storm-wracked island. There, he encounters Lim, a girl from Waffled who despises pirates. Lim’s unique ability to steal powers by touch sparks chaos when she meets Luffy. The stolen power scatters across the land in cubes, launching the Straw Hat Pirates on an unforeseen journey.

A colossus

With terrifying power stands in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates as they venture through Waffled. “Waffle” with its own ecosystem. Some of the monsters, nevertheless, are somewhat recognizable. In the ruins scattered across “Waffuld”, numerous devices obstruct the crew’s advancement. However, amidst these obstacles, a hidden secret lies waiting to be uncovered. Beyond these ruins, an enigmatic revelation awaits, shrouded in mystery and anticipation.


A never-before-seen “great adventure” starts at the Straw Hat Pirates’ home of recollections. In the meticulously constructed universe, animals that the crew has met before walk free. Experience a “new adventure drama” in a “nostalgic world” that the crew can only draw two years later as the Straw Hat Pirates face a situation different from their memories of the past!


  • Monkey D Luffy: The leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, he aspires to navigate the “Great Route” and attain the title of the “Pirate King”.
  • Roronoa Zoro: A member of the Straw Hat Pirates and a swordsman in the three-sword technique. His ultimate desire is to be crowned the world’s greatest swordsman.
  • Nami: A navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. With his vast experience in meteorology and navigation, he leads the crew.
  • Usopp: “Straw Hat Crew” A master marksman. While honing his skills as a sniper, this individual dreams of one day becoming a “brave warrior of the sea.”
  • Sanji: The Straw Hat Pirates’ chef, skilled in agile movement, aspires to discover the fabled ocean known as “All Blue”!
  • TonyTony Chopper: A human who has consumed the “hitohito fruit” serves as the medic on the Straw Hat Pirates’ vessel, offering aid to his crewmates.
  • Nico Robin: A Straw Hat Pirate archaeologist. Rise above the “past” and go after “true history” alongside his companions.
  • Franky: Half-man, half-machine shipwright for the Straw Hats! Building their dream ship to sail the seas with Luffy!
  • Brook: The Soulful Swordsman of the Straw Hats. The “Yomiyomi no Mi” ability resurrected a human as a skeleton.
  • Lim: Lim: A strange resident of the island “Waffled,” where the “Straw Hat Pirates” washed up, who “hates pirates.”
  • Adio: An explorer who lives in “Waffled” himself is a drifter and volunteers to be a guide for the crew.

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Keep in mind that playing this game may require an internet connection and a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. Additionally, you might need to update your hardware online before you can start playing.

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