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An all-ages take on its brand of four-versus-one asymmetric multiplayer games, where you play as your own original Ghostbusters team — or take on the role of a ghost hellbent on wreaking haunted havoc.

The Ghostbursters

Ray runs ray’s Occult Book. Ray retired from the Ghostbusters and chose to pursue his true passion of researching the spirit world. You may bring spirit guide pages, relics, and other ghost objects to Ray to learn more about ghosts and lore.


After making a substantial amount of money with some key investments, Winston was able to build himself a business empire. Even after gaining this enormous wealth and success, Winston never could shake the itch to get back into the Firehouse. An opportunity arose and he decided to bring it all back. Winston remains a very busy man, but it isn’t enough to keep him away from the operations.


An NYC native, Catt Delgado was a kid when the Ghostbusters were originally formed and saved the city, so she’s a massive fan. Especially Winston, who she can’t believe she gets to work with every day. Catt will be running operations and assigning missions to the player after she guides them through the early stages of the game.


The resident sardonic scientist, Eddy Chan can be a bit bristley but his deadpan demeanor and cadence is a symptom of his own secret shyness. Mention any obscure occult science and Eddy will transform into an excitable chatterbox, dipping into his deep well of technical knowledge. Players can visit Eddy for his specialized gear upgrades.



Close your eyes and think a ghost, won’t you? Disregarding your lack of eye lids, what you’ve pictured within your mind’s eye is most likely an Ectoplast. The perfect beginner ghost to saddle within. Slippery in movement and to the touch, Ectoplasts are effective haunters and exceptional for learning the ropes.
Meet Winky. Shall I give you one guess where it acquired that name? This f-eye-sty Ghost can summon a delightfully disgusting puddle of sludge, capable of smothering a large area.


Lovely Pokey. You’d think with a spikey little one like this, you’re better off keeping your distance. But this Ghostie actually fancies themselves a bit of a marksman, having honed their long range Ecto Torpedo.


This chap’s Brainy. And before you say anything, yes, Brainy’s dim as a doorknob. But what they lack in intellect, they more than make up for in hurling massive globs of slime.


Ah, the infamous Slimer. Can we ever be certain where this is insatiable entity’s allegiance truly lies? Perhaps not, but what we can be certain of is the hideous amount of noxious slime they can produce in an instant.


Looking for a Ghost filled with terrifying aggression? Aren’t we all! Take sight, if you dare, of the Ghouly. This class of spectral menace specializes in getting up close and personal. Every encounter leaves its victims filled with extra fear and insanity. The Ghouly is perfect for terrorizing “Bustwerps” and “shrillvilians” alike.


Perhaps the inspiration for devils as we know them in literature, the drake is a fiery, red fiend with a penchant for possessing lesser, worried living humans. Love the Drake.


If groom had a name, it would be Infernal. While I must admit the chain-draped aesthetic is a bit much, even for me, it’s a necessity for something with a mastery of and born from pure darkness.


Imagine, if you will, the embodiment of concentrated fear. The Wraith is a glorious and violent creature that seeks to manifest horror with a Nightmare Pulse of pure psychokinetic energy.


Most spectral entities prefer to be subtle in their torment of the living. Not so much with the Basher. An otherworldly manifestation built to destroy everything they can! Perhaps sneaking isn’t your forte? This Ghost type exists purely to put the BUMP in “bump in the night”


Lunk is the kind of Ghost that prefers working with their hands. Provides that work includes smashing anything and everything within their reach.


With the squidler and its monstrous tentacles everything is a weapon. Making a mess has never felt so ghastly.


Bashing isn’t only a physical mindset. Courtesy of the Gloom, we’ve observed that it can be spectral as well. Crush and main from anywhere you choose!


So many of the living are afraid of what they see, but oftentimes forget that it’s what they hear that will send shivers down their spine. This happens to the Howler’s area of expertise. They focus on sound to distract and confuse, building chaos as a means to flank and catch their victims off guard. Additionally, my studies have revealed that weaker Minion ghosts respond particularly well to the call of the Howler.


Built to scream, Shriek is the perfect howler. Not much un the way of personality, but their piercing scream will have your ears ringing for hours.


I can’t recall the number of times I wished I could silence one of my colleagues. Here we are, on the other side, and Chomo has perfected such an ability with their Silence Shroud.


The nightmarish words spoken by Bramble aren’t necessarily meant for the living. Instead, it prefers to focus its voice on an ethereal creation of its own, the Floating Seeker.


This Ghost type you MUST already know. A personal favourite of mine, the Poltergeist! As cruel as it is quick, and as savvy as it is SHOCKING. The Poltergeist uses electrical energy infused P.K.E. to wreak havoc on rudimentary ghost hunting gear.


Zappy should’ve been named “Zippy” based on the way they dash around a location. I suppose the stunning surprise left in its wake may have informed its alias.


Pain without healing. Such is the Gnasher, grizzled by time and experience. Its snare has become its greatest weapon as the Gnasher whips a powerful chain arc to jolt groups of the living.


A personification of the living’s environmental cruelty, Toxie is bathed in chemical brilliance. A mischievous maker or a reckoning called upon tortured Earth itself? I’ll leave you to decide.


Bereft of life, Ghosts are altogether insatiable beings. When it comes to frantically filling this soulless void, the Glutton takes the cake. And the table, the chairs, everything in proximity. You see, the more a Glutton consumes, the stronger it grows. The world is this ghoul’s buffet, and this desperate, greedy, little Glutton is always ready for seconds.


While it’s been dubbed “Muncher,” one could argue that “wholesale devour” may be a more eponymous title. The largest appetite of all the Gluttons I’ve observed! While Muncher has the capacity to eat through several tons of inanimate waste, it’s shown a unique preference for objects of a metallic nature which provide Munchers with bonus “bloat;” a phrase I never believed an intellectual, like myself, would ever have to write. When Muncher has its full, it can reform that refuse into small pellets of destructive force.


What goes down must come up, or so is the motto of the Spew. And when this Ghost reaches its fill, it unleashes a tornado of yucky destruction.


Heap is a floating pressure cooker of trash. Its ectoplasmic body creates a sticky plaster around anything it consumes, clumping scraps together inside itself to be used however it may see fit later. If you believed junk stunk before, behold what happens when Heap hurls.


The demonic Possessor is a beast-like monster with extreme brute force that can sniff out a scared Buster like a slab of rotting beef. Slow on the prowl and perhaps not the most agile of creatures, the Possessor compensates for its bulky lumbering by living up to its moniker; haunting objects with a ferocious, unbridled speed not to mention possessing the occasional Ghostbusters or two.


For the Terror Sentinel, everything is possessable. Sure, it’s the specialty of this entire ghost type, but only the Terror Sentinel can manage to turn the very walls that surrounds you, or the floors upon which you walk into a minefield of paranormal pain. This variant delights in luring the living into an inescapable situation so that it can unleash its horror upon them.


Determined to cause mischief with as much might as it can muster, the Hellion looks inward for its power, then with a chilling roar-unleashes it upon the unwitting in decimating bursts. Ghostbusters who find themselves in the Hellion’s path ask for nothing but slime, damage, and fear.


Have you ever seen pure ethereal energy recomposed the form of a beast? I doubt it. One couldn’t imagine how dangerous an entity like that may be! Luckily, we needn’t imagine. For this very creature exists. I’m referring to Scuttle. A name that, even I must admit, doesn’t do justice to this effervescent creepy crawly. Nevertheless, Scuttle is a Possessor variant that can take control of the very air which surrounds it. When facing off with this glowing monstrosity, it won’t just be its vibrant appearance that takes your breath away.



A Microbrewery/Distillery combo warehouse that churns our more liquid every year. Large drums, vats, and stills create a labyrinth of corridors throughout this establishment. Several generations of a notable family have run this distillery since the 1800s, each adding their own unique flair.


A large, aging Ski Lodge resort high in the Rocky Mountains. Built by an old eccentric man that was trying to impress his family, this Lodge has since been redone to house the upscale clientele that flock to this winter destination.


A large natural history museum in a metropolitan area housing multiple rooms of unique displays. Grand open rooms display ceiling-high dinosaur bones and other creatures which stand alongside smaller historical artifacts throughout. It is rumoured that an explorer brought back cursed artifacts that now reside here.


A historical lighthouse island complex off the east coast. Several older buildings and the all-important lighthouse cover this small island where the only way off is by boat. This island claimed many lives throughout its operation but was somehow named a top 10 tourist destination.


A once thriving cruise ship that was quickly decommissioned following a string of missing passengers back in the mid-1900s. Since then, many people flock to explore the intricately designed period piece, docked in a bustling harbour.


The Facility closed for good in the late 1980s and has been recently purchased by a private investor group, who have plans to renovate and reopen the facility. Unfortunately for them, it’s being plagued by ghostly activity, and construction crews refuse to enter this haunted health center.


Strange activity reported over at the “SEBASTIAN C. YARBOROUGH County Courthouse has made it difficult to conduct legal proceedings. Decades of dark activity and paranormal contact have made the courthouse a hotbed of ghostly activity.

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Please note, an internet connection and Playstation Plus may be required to play this game.  In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.

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