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Developers: </strong>Sony Interactive Entertainment | Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing RPG| Rating: PEGI 18</a>



 Introducing Rise of the Ronin, the thrilling combat-focused open-world action RPG exclusively designed for PS5

Unsheathe your destiny 

In Rise of the Ronin for PS5, you’ll step into the shoes of a masterless samurai. Meanwhile, as a master swordsman, you’ll find yourself in 19th-century Japan. Therefore, take your place in this unforgiving era. Immerse yourself in the gameplay and the battle for the soul of Japan. But the true test awaits: Will you bring honor to this unforgiving era?

Unveiling the Epic Features of Rise of the Ronin for PS5

Embark on a journey through feudal Japan with “Rise of the Ronin,” a PS5 exclusive that thrusts you into the heart of epic action and adventure. Seamlessly transition into the immersive gameplay of “Rise of the Ronin” with its incredible features.

  • Live the Samurai Dream: Become a master swordsman, wielding your katana with deadly precision in immersive environments that drip in addition to the historical atmosphere.
  • Combat Evolved: Master the blade, then, unleash deadly combos. Skill-based combat awaits.
  • Conquer Monstrous Foes: Face off against towering warlords and cunning assassins in epic battles.
  • Forge Your Destiny: Every choice you make shapes the story, leading to multiple endings and a truly personalized adventure.
  • A World of Secrets: Uncover epic adventures, hidden loot, & quests in a vast open world!
  • A Feast for the Senses: Explore stunning feudal Japan & lose yourself in an epic soundtrack
  • Challenge the World: Test your mettle in intense online duels or team up with friends to dominate the battlefield.
  • The Perfect Fit: Forge your samurai legend! Customize weapons, armor & style to dominate.
  • Unleash the Power of PS5: Become a next-gen samurai: lightning speed, feel every clash, action redefined
  • Endless Replayability: But that’s not all! With countless side quests, collectibles, and challenges to conquer, Rise of the Ronin offers endless content for players who crave the ultimate samurai experience.

With Rise of the Ronin PS5 you’re a masterless samurai who dances daringly in the face of danger. As you’re surrounded by daunting battles, the Rise of the Ronin gameplay brings the adventures alive to you.


Rise of the Ronin: Answer the call and become a legend!

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Please note, an internet connection and PlayStation Plus may be required to play this game and you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.

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