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Also available on: PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 4 | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch

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Rise to the occasion in NBA 2K23 Xbox Series X. Showcase your talent in MyCareer. Also, Pair All-Stars with timeless legends in MyTeam. At the same time, Build your own dynasty in MyGM, or guide the NBA in a new direction with MyLeague. Take on NBA or WNBA teams in “Play Now” and feel true-to-life gameplay.

MyCAREER IN NBA 2K23 Xbox Series X

NBA 2K23 Xbox Series X builds on the franchise’s evolving gameplay and unmatched authenticity by creating a real-life simulation in MyCAREER. Upon setting foot in the City and aboard the G.O.A.T. Boat, you’ll immediately notice a stunning environment, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Likewise, from new activities and buildings to realistic visuals, the reimagined MyCAREER universe is waiting to be explored.


Firstly, from your first steps in the City, you’ll immediately feel a closer connection with your surroundings. NBA 2K23 Xbox Series X implements a subway system to take you from Point A to Point B, making every point of interest within reach and travel around the City more streamlined than before. You’ll also experience redesigned Affiliation zones that feel like totally separate worlds.

This Season, climbing your way from Level 1 to Level 40 earns you a four-seater Golf Cart. Meanwhile, you don’t need a tee time to enjoy speeding through the City with friends! Before you can earn the Golf Cart, work on claiming other rewards, such as Skill Boosts, Emote Packs, Banners, and more.

All rewards are earned by garnering XP that you’ll gain from playing and winning games, in addition to completing Quests.


Welcome to the G.O.A.T. Boat, a luxury vessel that’s been optimized with wider lanes. Firstly, Elevators for fast travel, and secondly, “Showers” to quickly change servers. The Elevators are an efficient way to teleport to key points of interest. Also can be used for off-shore events too.

In addition, we’re incorporating Squad Travel, so you and your crew can avoid disbanding. Using an all-new blueprint, we recommend interacting with NPCs and Quests around the ship to learn the G.O.A.T. Boat’s layout.

We’ve made a handful of improvements to the Quest system this year to enhance the RPG experience. But, NPCs will offer a more varied set of Quests, have all-new dialogue, and equally a higher degree of authenticity. In addition, you’ll need to interact with NPCs to receive Quests, gone are the days of them being automatically assigned in the Quest Journal.

Also, NPC AI Rival Quests are an entirely new type of Quest, which pits you against NPCs with an established storyline. The Rival Quests will ultimately lead to a 1v1 matchup with key NPCs you’ve encountered throughout the game.

The end goal remains the same, but there’s a multitude of ways you can reach the finish line. If you manage to reach Level 40 on the G.O.A.T. Boat, you’ll be able to fly through its corridors on the back of a Hoverbike. And also, Interact with NPCs and see where the road leads you.

MyTEAM IN NBA 2K23 Xbox Series X

Firstly, New cards and game modes, better accessibility, more customization, and endless lineup combinations await in this year’s MyTEAM. The iconic mode leveled up in 2K23 by eliminating contracts, adding Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, updating all the features you’ve come to know and love, and even more! The MyTEAM Courtside Report detailed the changes and enhancements at great length, but we’re excited to share more about what to expect in Season 1 below.


Triple Threat Online: Co-Op will debut in NBA 2K23 Xbox Series X, allowing players to link with friends on the same platform for Co-Op 3v3 online games across different variations. This is a first for the NBA 2K franchise, and an addition the community has been clamouring about for quite some time. This mode comes with a few options: Party mode, Co-Op mode, and Competitive mode.

Party mode allows you to play your way, whether that’s 1-on-3, 2-on-2, or so on, you can play any configuration you choose for bragging rights with your friends. Co-Op lets you team up with one to two friends and compete against AI opponents.

Get wins to help you climb the MyTEAM reward ladder and obtain Seasonal prizes that will fill out your Trophy Case collections, improve your player cards with Diamond Shoe Colorways, and an exclusive Hall of Fame Option Pack for getting 250 wins in Season 1.

Lastly, Competitive mode pits you and one or two friends against other players. After each win, you and your teammates could earn a rare reward together including packs and the weekly Takeover reward players!

Overall, the mode supports two to six players in player-locked gameplay. Find success on the hardwood and accumulate rewards in the process. You’ll see content refreshes throughout the year with each Season.


The MyTEAM card library is more robust and varied than any NBA 2K game to date. With Michael Jordan on the cover, his iconic Chicago Bulls teammates tip-off the first Season of NBA 2K23 PS4 as reward cards en route to Level 40 Pink Diamond Scottie Pippen.

During the first six weeks of 2K23, you’ll have the opportunity to add fellow Bulls Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoč, Horace Grant, and more to your collection.

Plus, begin the year with former two-time MVP and 2021 Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo as the Level 1 reward, simply for starting your MyTEAM journey.

To keep MyTEAM fresh, we’re adding a revolving base set of new cards in every pack. Every two weeks, we’ll introduce a new Volume of cards, with special “Select” versions included as well. Season 1 features eight collections with Amethyst and Diamond Collection Complete reward cards with every drop! At launch, collect the two 15-card collections from Vol. 1 for Amethyst collection reward cards, Kevin Love & Chris Mullin. Plus, 10 of the 15 “Select” players will be available, which will see its collection completed with the release of Vol. 2 on September 23.

Lastly, the collector rewards are back and with over 75 reward levels. The way it works is simple: collecting player cards helps you climb the ladder to unlock rewards. By accumulating more player cards, you’ll rise the collector ranks and be gifted with exclusive jerseys, courts, and more. To get started, collect 30 total player cards to add the Big Diesel, Sapphire Shaquille O’Neal to your collection.


We know you’re excited about the addition of Triple Threat Online: Co-Op, but there’s a multitude of reasons to be ecstatic about Domination this year, too.

For starters, the classic 5v5 mode will start the 2023 campaign with five sets of 33 games, ranging across the Current NBA landscape, the Golden era of basketball, Modern Age, Champions, and All-Time teams for each franchise.

As your reward for finishing each Domination tier, you’ll receive Amethyst Julius Randle, Diamond Mike Bibby, Diamond Bill Walton, Diamond Mitch Richmond, and Pink Diamond John Havlicek! Accumulating all 99 stars will earn you each of the aforementioned ballers, but there’s a new way to earn stars this year.

Earning full marks requires you to defeat your opponent by a set amount of points. Winning isn’t enough, you need to do it in a way that leaves no doubt.


Your path to the first Galaxy Opal and Dark Matter players is waiting for you with the Trophy Case. Every NBA franchise has their own accomplishments represented with 15 Event Cards. The rarest for each team is their Centerpiece Trophy, displayed in the middle of each collection.

To earn this card in Season 1, you must reach 250 wins in Triple Threat, get the 100 win rewards in Clutch Time or Clutch Time Online, net 100 wins in Triple Threat Online, or complete the first Prestige’s Dark Matter tier in Unlimited.

These feats will give you a card to unlock a Centerpiece Trophy Option Pack from The Exchange. Also, where you will choose which Centerpiece Trophy card you want.

These Trophy Case collections amount to a powerful Pink Diamond reward player, one for every NBA team. Meanwhile, collecting a full division’s worth of these Pink Diamond players will reward you with the first Galaxy Opal players.

In future Seasons, collecting the 3 Galaxy Opal players from a conference will reward a Dark Matter player, and the two Dark Matter players will reward a final reward, Dark Matter Larry Bird.

So in Season 1, seek out reward packs that will grant Trophy Case cards. Complete your ‘23 NBA:Series 1 collections with tokens and earn the 3 Star rewards in the Current Domination tier to earn more Trophy Case cards.

Plus, be on the lookout for new Agenda Group rewards all Season for other rare Trophy Case reward packs and Option Packs.


NBA 2K23 is the year of Michael Jordan and we’re proud to feature him on the cover of the Championship Edition, Michael Jordan Edition, in the Jordan Challenge, and with our MyTEAM Signature Challenge.

The Signature Challenge returns from NBA 2K22, but centers around the former Chicago Bull in Season 1. Go toe-to-toe against Jordan, Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen, James Worthy, and Hakeem Olajuwon for a Diamond Jordan Shoe Colorway, shoe boosts, and a Hall of Fame Badge.

Eras have a great deal of influence in NBA 2K23 Xbox Series X; whether it’s the gameplay, commentary, or visuals, you’ll feel as if you were there to see Jordan play live. Certain Challenges will use the era-specific presentation and rules to recreate the physicality of that era.

Season 1 is just the beginning for NBA 2K23’s MyTEAM. With new modes to experience, rewards to earn, and cards to fill your collection, it’s time to begin your journey to create your own dream team.

THE W ONLINE OF NBA 2K23 Xbox Series X

MyTEAM and The W are partnering to grant you exclusive WNBA rewards in MyTEAM. From logos to uniforms and player coaches, take advantage of this first-ever collaboration to distinguish your collection from fellow players.

MyTEAM isn’t the only mode experiencing a crossover event, though, as 60 WNBA player jerseys are coming to MyCAREER this year. Season 1 is headlined by two members of the Seattle Storm, Phoenix Mercury, and Chicago Sky.

As far as rewards within The W Online go, we’ve implemented community goals for you and your fellow 2K players to chase throughout each Season. Don’t worry, there will be individual goals for you to accomplish, but we’ve reserved special community rewards for members that invest a lot of time and energy into reaching Game Changer status. Game Changers can motivate the community and can unlock exclusive rewards.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the rewards dropping in Season 1:

  • Diana Taurasi Heroine Edition Jersey
  • Team Accelerator Boosts
  • Jewell Loyd Rebel Jersey
  • Dawn Staley T-Shirt
  • Teresa Weatherspoon Coach Card
  • Fever Logo Card
  • Diana Taurasi G.O.A.T. T-Shirt
  • Nike LeBron 18s

Work with the rest of the community, or individually, to complete challenges and earn rewards in Season 1.

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Please note, an internet connection and Xbox Live Gold may be required to play this game. In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.

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