PS4 price in Nigeria everything you need to know

Video game players need no introduction to Playstation 4 (PS4 console), as it has stood its ground as one of the best high-end game consoles of the Sony enterprise. Despite the new competition of play station 5 (PS5) it is arguably one of the famous consoles being used around the world. Sony is said to have sold more than 30 million copies making it the best-selling gaming console of all time. To this end, it will be quite interesting to discuss the PS4 price in Nigeria, and other features gamers might be interested in.

Price of PS4 in Nigeria

Price of ps4 in Nigeria

The play station 4 console was released in 2013 and has been a household game console in the country. Although, the price of the game as at the time it was launched might have scared people away. It can now be concluded with the current price of PS4 in Nigeria and the feature it offers that it is affordable gaming equipment.

Currently, it is available in various versions in stores across Nigeria. And the ps4 console price differs but can be gotten at an approximated price below.

  • PS4 pro version with a 1TB memory can be gotten between the ranges of 190,000 – 250,000
  • While the Play station 4 slim versions can be gotten between the range of 150, 000 – 222,000

Used PS4 in Nigeria

The used play station 4 is by no means better than the new one but can still give the satisfaction desired to gamers that cannot afford a brand new console. The price is quite less compared to the new one and the great news is that it is available across stores in the country.

Below is an approximate price of Used PS4 in Nigeria;

  • PS4 console available in vgstores is between the range of 140 ,000 – 160,000 depending on the capacity

More on the PS4 console

Factors that make PS4 price different

Memory – This is an important aspect of consoles. The memory space contributes to the gaming experience. It allows you to play more games and save more things like a replay and other collectibles. There if you want more you might consider paying more, hence the difference in the price of the PS4 console. A 1TB console is #245,000 while a 500 GB space of the same type is #222,000 on Vgstores.

Shape – The original design of the game console is bigger compared to the new ones and might not be around for much time. The slimmer PS4 is the most popular right now and there is a price difference mainly because of the portability.

New or Used – This is a general phenomenon when it comes to pricing. The new stuff commands more prices. Although, it will not be a cliché for the console because the newer ones have more compatibility with new televisions and display in 4k resolution.

Know this about the PS4 gaming console

  • One of the best new-generation gaming consoles
  • A newer version like the slim one can be easy to transport
  • You can record a replay or get a screenshot while playing
  • The interface is user friendly and easy to navigate
  • Advance graphics and upgraded controller for a good gaming experience

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