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Experience unparalleled realism and authenticity in this year’s definitive football game: PES 2020 PS4.

In PES 2020, expert opinion has been employed wherever possible. This is to ensure that every action made on the pitch stands up to the scrutiny of discerning football fans.

Most notably, the development team have worked closely with Andrés Iniesta. They have translated his innate ability to read the space around him. And slip through the tiniest cracks of an otherwise impregnable defensive line into a new dynamic dribbling technique. Fans of the series will agree, authenticity has always been important in PES. That applies just as much to your on-pitch failures as it does your triumphs. In alignment with this philosophy, PES 2020 will feature realistic portrayal of player error. Creating more opportunities for you to take advantage of careless mistakes made by opponents. While also encouraging you to live and breathe every moment of competition to ensure your own play is on point. Several new first-touch techniques have also been added. Empowering you to take command of the ball in a way that suits your personal playstyle.

With so many tools at your disposal, what type of football will you choose to play?

New Dribbling Technique: Finesse Dribble

New in PES 2020, Finesse Dribble is an advanced technique. It allows users that are adept at anticipating the movements of their opponents to snake between defenders with exceptional agility.

Developed in close consultation with world renowned midfielder, Andrés Iniesta. Finesse Dribble empowers players with an affinity for technical flair to use superior technique to outfox the opposition.

Upgraded Trapping Mechanics in PES 2020 PS4

Trapping a football is something of an art. Just as no two artists would paint a portrait in the same way, each player has his own unique approach.

This concept is realised in PES 2020, with huge improvements coming to the way that trapping works in-game.

Players will now exhibit enhanced intelligence when interacting with an approaching ball. Choosing a trapping technique that is representative of their personal playstyle, which suits each match situation.

A handful of new trapping skills will also be available. Including No Touch Control, which enables you run beside an incoming ball without making contact. The Trick Trap allows you to feint a trap in one direction before deftly veering off in the other.

Context-Sensitive Kick Accuracy

For football purists, fewer things are more satisfying than a long ball that wings its way towards its target accurately. But like anything else in football, accuracy must be earned.

PES 2020 realises this idea in-game. It brings an added level of realism to the pitch with enhanced context-sensitivity for kicking.

This means that the accuracy of each shot and pass you unleash will change relative to your posture. As well as your position on the pitch and how much pressure you’re under. This makes for a deeper and more authentic football experience.

Now more than ever, you will be rewarded for timing, patience and match awareness.

More Realistic Defence in PES 2020 PS4

When the offence pushes forward into the final third, the penalty area becomes something of a battlefield for defending players.

In PES 2020, improvements have been made to accurately recreate every tense moment of play that occurs around the box.

These include:

  • additional sliding tackle animations
  • more realistic animations when clearing the ball with your head
  • as well as the option to perform an Intentional Foul as a last-ditch effort to save an otherwise hopeless situation.

Improved Ball Physics

Significant enhancements to the physics engine will enable you to interact with the ball in several new ways. This contributes to a deeper gameplay experience. First-touch interactions will now be rendered with far greater realism. This allows shrewd players to better anticipate the path of the ball.

Technically-minded football fans will also be able to take advantage of a finely-tuned ball control system. They can manipulate the ball with various parts of their feet and control it with a greater level of dexterity.

Adaptive Player Interaction: Inspire

Fans will be able to see player personalities play out on the pitch with unprecedented realism. Thanks to the addition of an adaptive player interaction system realised through the new Inspire characteristic,

In PES 2020, each player’s individual playstyle affect the way he interacts with the ball. It will also have a significant impact on the behaviour of the players around him.

For example, when a player renowned for his dribbling ability takes possession of the ball, his teammates will spread out to give him adequate space to make a penetrating run.

Similarly, when a known playmaker is on the ball, his teammates will position more aggressively to take advantage of his prodigious passing ability.

This brings another layer of depth to squad composition. You’ll have to think about how different playstyles complement one another to get the best performance out of your players.

New Skills and Abilities in eFootball PES 2020 PS4

Add a host of new skills and abilities to your repertoire in PES 2020, including the following:

  • Aggression – Players with this skill will bear down on a player with the ball with considerable aggression.
  • Tight Possession – Players will be able to use superior finesse and technique to out-manoeuvre the opposition in tight spaces
  •  Through Ball – Players with this skill will receive an accuracy boost when playing through balls.
  • Long Shot – Players with this skill will receive an accuracy boost when shooting from range.

Play Like Ronaldinho

Renowned the world over as one of the sport’s most entertaining players. Ronaldinho’s unique style of football is coming to PES 2020 in a big way.

The introduction of several new Ronaldinho-inspired animation sets means that you’ll finally be able to move like the man himself. Using unparalleled technical flair and fluid movement to beat defenders with impunity.

You’ll also be able to use some of his showboat first-touch techniques, including chest control and back control.

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Please note, an internet connection and Playstation Plus may be required to play this game. In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.

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