Middle Earth: Shadow Of War – Xbox One


A Monumental Story
Immerse yourself in the epic scale of Middle-Earth as you forge a new ring and siege epic fortresses to face the Dark Lord and Nazgul.
Nemesis System Evolved
Experience a richer and more personal world full of new enemy types, strong personalities and deeper stories – anyone you face can now evolve from a lowly soldier to mighty overlord. Personal Nemesis or Ally.
Turn Mordor against Sauron
Go behind enemy lines and use strategy, cunning or brute force to conquer Sauron’s fortresses and turn them against him.

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The sequel of the critically-acclaimed Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor – Winner of over 50 industry awards – arrives this August, continuing the story of Tailon and Celebrimbor, who must now go behind enemy lines to forge an army and turn all of Mordor against the Dark Lord, Sauron.
This third person open world RPG continues on from where the last game finished, nicely in-between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings storylines.
Tailon is a half dead ranger sharing his body with Celebrimbor, a dark elf spirit who helps him complete quests by giving him mythical powers. Avenge your murdered wife by taking out the dark lord Sauron.
Not only do you get to take on your enemies in the battlefield, but you can also get them to join your worthy cause. Once you have pretty much beaten your foe, you can recruit them by using Celebrimbor’s mind controlling power. You can choose to use them in any battle you like, recruiting more soldiers as you go. If one of your recruits impresses you, reward them – give them a castle as a gift and make them the warden of it. Remember to only pick your best warriors to keep guard, as we can guarantee that Sauron’s army will be coming to visit at some point.
A social conquest mode gives you the chance to buy a variety of upgrades for their forts and then share them online but beware – sharing them with the community puts you at risk of being invaded. During online attacks (a friendly or ranked fight), the attackers will be able to kill or brand your army, although branded troops won’t be taken back to the attackers Mordor when the fight is over.

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