Lost Judgment PS5


Developers: Sega | Genre: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG) | Rating: PEGI 18

  • Singleplayer
  • Action-Adventure
  • Dark
  • Crime
  • Detective

Lost Judgment once again puts players in the sneakers of lawyer turned street-fighting detective Takayuki Yagami. Joined by his partner, ex-yakuza Masaharu Kaito, the crime-fighting duo is called on to investigate a seemingly perfect crime whose lead suspect has an airtight alibi. What starts out as a tale of revenge reveals a tangled web of conspiracy involving several unlikely factions taking advantage of a broken law system. But as victims pile up and Yagami unravels the truth, he must choose between defending the law or exacting justice.



Two larger-than-life heroes brought together by the hand of fate, or perhaps something more sinister…

Ichiban Kasuga, an unstoppable underdog who’s no stranger to crawling up from rock bottom, and Kazuma Kiryu, a broken man facing down his last days.


Experience one-of-a-kind combat with dynamic, fast-paced RPG battles where the battlefield becomes your weapon, and anything goes. Adapt your party’s skills to the situation with outlandish jobs and customizations to strategically subdue enemies with over-the-top moves. Do a deep dive on all the battle mechanics in the Combat section.


Live it up in Japan and explore all that Hawaii has to offer in an adventure so big it spans the Pacific. Unforgettable moments await at every step of the journey with a unique mix of quests and activities to enjoy at your leisure. Find out what experience you’ll do first in the Adventure section.



Adapt your party’s skills to the situation with 18 jobs like Hero, Assassin, Desperado, Cabbie, and Samurai to change fighting styles and gain new abilities to strategically subdue enemies with unique moves. Create your ideal party by experimenting with different job combinations.


Utilize movement to target an enemy’s weakness and weaponize the environment to give your party a strategic edge! Close the distance with enemies to deal massive damage or move next to allies to execute combo attacks! Position your characters near bicycles, cones, or other objects to use them as weapons and destroy opponents.


Obliterate enemies in a straight line or in your vicinity using area-of-effect attacks! Target clusters of enemies to maximize damage and keep a watchful eye on their positions to aim for a decisive blow to take them all down at once.


Carefully assess the positions of your enemies and their surroundings to effectively use knockback attacks! Slam them into walls, objects, or even each other to deal additional damage. Deliver even greater pain or inflict status ailments by bashing them into burning objects or explosive gas canisters.


During battle, when you move within range of an ally with whom you have a strong connection, you will be able to execute powerful combo attacks. Cooperation between your allies is key to defeating formidable enemies, so actively work on deepening your bonds with them.


Use Perfect Attacks to quickly demolish your enemies. When executing a special attack, press the correct button to perform a Perfect Attack to dish out extra blows or change the direction of your attack to damage multiple enemies.


When you encounter opponents far weaker than yourself, the Smackdown option will appear. Choosing it will let you promptly end the battle at the cost of less experience, but you may earn money or acquire items quicker.


Call up quirky characters with powerful attacks and healing skills to gain the upper hand in battle. Some will assist you by delivering a single devastating attack, while others will join the battle for a few turns. You’ll be able to call on more characters as you progress through substories and other objectives, so get out there!


Use weapons and materials to strengthen your weapons or create over 140 new ones. The weapons you create will be much stronger than the ones you find at shops, so try crafting your own! They can also be strengthened to greatly increase performance, or branded to apply unique effects.



Pick up food and deliver it in style to earn money! Perform sick stunts on your route to earn better tips and boost your income! Try drifting along streets and pulling off tricks and wheelies as you race across Hawaii to transport food to your hungry customers.


Ichiban finds himself responsible for reviving Dondoko Island, a place that has unfortunately become the local landfill. Gather resources with your bat for use in DIY. Construct furniture and buildings to improve the island’s infrastructure to have more guests visit. Make souvenirs and offer local specialties to boost the island’s popularity, while defending it from meddlesome Washbucklers.


Collect Sujimon and train them to battle to become a Sujimon Master! All around the city, dangerous individuals known as Sujimon run rampant. You can befriend and train them to create the ultimate team to battle in 3-on-3 competitions as their trainer! Strengthen your team to dethrone the reigning champions of the Sujimon battle world: the Discreet Four and the Sujimon Master!


Connect with people from across the globe using the hottest new matchmaking app! Create Ichiban’s profile then try to chat with a potential match to get a face-to-face meeting. Will they turn out to be all you ever imagined? Going on dates will improve Ichiban’s personality stats, so get out there and find that match!


A plethora of new songs, including Kazuma Kiryu’s old favorite “Baka Darou (Playing the Fool)!” Chat with your friends, indulge in a drink, or sing the latest songs at the local karaoke bar!


Play some hit classics! Brawl it out in SpikeOut, enjoy some lakeside fishing in SEGA Bass Fishing, or create your dream team of fighters and compete in team battles in Virtua Fighter 3tb!


Experience amazing substories to expand upon expansive RPG adventure. In one substory called “Close Encounters of the Bird Kind?”, Ichiban encounters a girl who swears her beloved pet chicken was abducted by a UFO, but nobody believes her until Ichiban arrives to help. As they explore a park known for UFO sightings, they witness a cow floating up towards a mysterious light…


Boost your personality stats and enjoy Hawaii to your heart’s content! Personality is a status consisting of 6-character traits: Passion, Confidence, Charisma, Kindness, Intellect, and Style. These can be boosted through substories, minigames, and more. Enhance Ichiban’s personality traits to improve his stats and abilities, gain new jobs, interact with more people, and unlock new events.


Deepen your bonds with your friends by engaging in conversation, giving gifts, or playing games together! A friend’s bond level shows how close they are with Ichiban or Kiryu, and you can unlock more jobs and abilities by reaching certain bond levels! Friends will also use chain and combo attacks in battle, giving you an extra edge against foes, so get bonding!


Along your journey you’ll venture in to dangerous abandoned buildings locals refer to to as “dungeons” due to their air of danger and secrecy to rescue missing persons and keep the peace. These labyrinthine dungeons will have different layouts and enemies each time you enter. Conquer them to polish your skills and attain rare treasures or enhancements.


There’s so much more to experience on your adventure, like darts, card games, and other unique activities!

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Please note, an internet connection and Playstation Plus may be required to play this game.  In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.


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