Ghost of Tsushima


Developers: Sony interactive Entertainment | Genre: Adventure | Rating: PEGI 18

  • Action-Adventure
  • Open World
  • RPG
  • Exclusive
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Ghost of Tsushima is a third-person open-world action-stealth PS4 video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions. It takes place in 1274 on the island of Tsushima in Japan. The player controls the hero, Jin Sakai, as he fights back against a Mongol invasion.

The year is 1274. Samurai warriors are the main defenders until the Mongol Empire invades the island causing havoc and conquering the local population

Nonetheless, tactics won’t lead you to victory but you must proceed beyond traditions to forge a new way of fighting the way of the Ghost for the freedom of Japan.

Features in Ghost Of Tsushima

  • Ancient Beauty Endures In War-Torn Tsushima: In this action adventure, you’ll roam vast countryside and terrain to encounter different discoveries.
  • The Rise of the Ghost: Jim must seek support from old friends and new unlikely allies in his quest to reclaim Tsushima.
  • Jim must break away from tradition to become new warrior, and also protect what’s left of his home at all costs.
  • Mud, Blood, and Steel: Challenge opponents with your katana for an immersive combat experience.
  • In addition, master the bow to eliminate distant threats, and develop stealth tactics to ambush enemies with surprise attacks.
  • The main story line branches off into multiple side quests that players can pursue for additional skills, weapons and also experiences.

Please note, an internet connection and Playstation Plus may be required to play this game. In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.


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