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Developers: Codemasters | Genre: Racing Sport | Rating: PEGI 12

  • Multiplayer
  • Epic
  • Fun
  • Race

Also available : Playstation 4 | Xbox One | Xbox Series X

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Step into a new world of Dirt 5 PS5 game created by Codemasters. Blaze a trail across the most iconic routes in the world. Drive the widest roster of cars from rally icons to trucks, to GT heroes and lots more. And put your name in the sand of time at the comfort of your video console.

DIRT 5 PS5 is the bold new off-road arcade racing experience created by Codemasters. Conquer stunning global routes and drive an iconic roster of cars. Experience a star-studded Career mode, four-player split-screen. The Playgrounds arena creator mode and much more!

Push the Limits with Incredible Cars

DIRT 5 PS4 by Codemasters

900bhp sprint cars, incredible rock bouncers, modern rallycross, classic rally, GT, muscle cars, trucks, buggies and more are yours to let loose with.

  • Cross Raid – Built specifically to overcome tough terrain. Our Cross Raid class combines speed, strength and durability for some truly awesome trucks, including the Volkswagen Race Touareg 3 and the Laffite G-Tec X-Road
  • Rock Bouncer -Meanwhile, DIRT 5’s rock bouncer is purpose-built to conquer the most intimidating terrain. Use its traction, acceleration and flat-out stubbornness to beat all obstacles in our most extreme events.
  • Classic Rally  – Roll back the years with iconic machines that popularized the concept of going fast and flat-out on any possible terrain. These off-road heroes will remind you that age is but a number with some serious power and performance.
  • Sprint – The dirt 5 PlayStation 5 class is dedicated to our truly incredible sprint car. Sporting wheels of all different sizes, huge wings and 900bhp – perfect to rip up dirt oval tracks and get sideways. A unique class for a unique racing experience.
  • Super Lites – Low on excess weight, high on action, these rockets have power-to-weight ratios that’ll make your eyes water.

Game Modes to play in Dirt 5 Playstation 5

DIRT 5 game by Codemasters

Enjoy a four-player split-screen, the all-new Playgrounds mode, a narrative-driven Career, fun multiplayer action and more.

  • CAREER MODE – Under the tutelage of an icon. All eyes are on you to become the new star of an amplified world of off-road racing. World-renowned voice talents Troy Baker and Nolan North head up the cast of DIRT 5’s Career mode. Earn sponsorships and unique rewards, conquer all locations, and take on a fierce rival in our biggest ever Career.
  • ARCADE MODE – Make use of DIRT 5’s 10 locations, 70+ routes and 13 car classes in Arcade – a custom event creator for offline play. Either solo or with your friends via split-screen up to four players. Create your race scenario, choose the amount of AI competitors, difficulty. Weather conditions and lap count, before picking your machine and heading into the action.
  • MULTIPLAYER MODE – Thrilling racing and innovative objective-based games is present in DIRT 5’s online play. It combines fresh approaches and revamps of franchise favourites for a Multiplayer experience that’s constantly fun, unpredictable and thrilling.

Make sure no one forgets your name

In an off-road racing world full of superstars. DIRT 5’s Career tasks with you standing out above the rest, and making sure nobody ever forgets your name.

The player is dropped into a world-renowned off-road racing series that delivers constant extreme action. continent to continent, in all manner of amplified events. As you begin to get your feet wet and make a buzz in the racing scene. You catch the eye of Alex Janiček – better known as AJ, voiced by the legendary Troy Baker.

An undisputed superstar and fan favourite in the world of DIRT. AJ quickly takes you under his wing, showing you what it takes to rise to the top of the sport he has dominated for years.

Online Racing in DIRT 5 PS5 Game

DIRT 5 game by Codemasters

Alongside the party modes, DIRT 5 PS5 brings the action-packed racing from single-player modes into the online play, with races covering all 10 stunning locations, a huge number of car classes, and a range of event types to do battle in.

From racing trucks and buggies through Nepal to rallycross events in Italy and South Africa, and everything in between, head to the Racing section of our online modes to compete in curated 12-player events.

Start a creative career and win

Build up and throw down in Gymkhana, Gate Crasher and Smash Attack events on player-made racing arenas.

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Please note, an internet connection and Playstation Plus may be required to play this game. In addition, you may need to update your hardware via the internet before you can play the game.


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